Maximizing the marketing budget in the coronavirus era

Budget management of any kind (revenue, expenses, investments, marketing, etc.) and tracking and measuring performance

It is necessary for u as businesses during routine and certainly in times of crisis. A significant portion of businesses don’t manage budgets on an ongoing basis. Which makes the money run out of our hands and the business isn’t actually run. In the coronavirus era, we as business companies are required to streamline and reduce expenses. “Adjust expenses for income” and it’s hard to do that when we don’t actually know what we spent money on.

So what should we do

  1. Exposure-
    • We need to file all the marketing expenses our business has and then make informed decisions. In most cases, we will “discover” expenses and activities that we are not aware of.
  2. Prioritization – We need to prioritize every activity on scale 1-7 when 1 is an activity that should not be performed and 7 is the most important activity
    • All priorities must of course be determined based on economic data of how much money we make from each activity?
    • What is the cost of purchasing the customer? How much does each hand cost us?
    • What is the impact of the activity on the brand and strategy of our business, etc.
  3. Decision – Making a decision according to the priorities.
  4. Objectives – Setting targets for each budgetary section.
  5. Measurement, tracking and control- tracking and controlling performance based on sections 2-3.
    • In times of crisis, we have to conduct surveillance on a weekly level.
  6. Flexibility and reasoning – a long-term examination of performance and changes on the go according to changing needs.

Example file for work

Why are we?

Our experts make sure to sit down with the relevant parties in the business and discuss all these questions and other questions.

They perform an in-depth analysis of the answers and in-depth familiarity with the specific needs and characteristics of your business. They then formulate all the insights and recommendations that are best suited for you and your business, Through all of these, it is possible to embark on a joint path of building a marketing strategy and business development, including addressing the points of failure in the organization and improving work processes.

This move will allow you to maximize your business goals and business.

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