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Challenges in the business world

The biggest challenge for business companies, from every field and anywhere in the world is growth, growth in customers, revenue, and profitability.

Businesses are looking for answers to business dilemmas and practical ideas that will grow our organization but there are several challenges that make it difficult to do so.

Types of challenges

Our Solutions

We specialize in providing practical business solutions and tools in the worlds of marketing and business development in the Outsourcing model in the worlds of IT, Cloud, Cyber and Communications.

We are effectively used by marketing and business development managers in your business, we are not consultants but do the actual work and therefore you will not have a headache in front of the suppliers – leaving you more time for the day-to-day management.

Our solution – marketing and active business development in the Outsourcing model – our idea, management, and application – your success!

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Business Marketing

It is the main growth engine of the organization, its role in producing a shell that will help increase new revenue and growth channels.

All organizations need marketing but a lot of them don’t have the knowledge and the ability to do that and that’s where we come in.

Marketing Strategy

Set up target audiences and support value suggestions for them.

Map existing status

Examining competitors, sharpening strengths and adapting products relevant to target audiences.

Manage budgets

Building an annual budget, setting sales and abandonment goals including performance metrics and performance tracking.

work plan

Build a marketing work plan that supports the revenue budget.

Branding Strategy

Build a branding strategy that matches brand values.


Marketing on linkedin, Facebook, etc. social networks. Marketing by a variety of means: video, conferences, mailers, round tables, biners, podcasts, etc.


Building a loyalty program for customers.

Target business goals

Building data base and smart targeting in accordance with the relevant markets.

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Business Development

Business development processes focus on creating a shell of tools for promoting and growing the business in today’s competitive market.

Developing new products, finding business opportunities, opening new markets, and creating collaborations, we create new opportunities for you.

Company Strategy

Building growth strategies that allows for increasing the company’s revenues.

Business Partners

Build a partner plan that will increase the sales and growth capacity of the organization.

Revenue Growth

Creating collaborations with the aim of promoting the company’s goals, increasing revenue and growing ARPA.


Ongoing monitoring of the performance of the sales body and management of the company.

Pricing Models

Building pricing models – adapted and flexible, cascading models, real estate, etc.


Building sales channels and mapping customers by segments and company size.


Developing new products from the concept stage to the launch stage. Targeting products – what is recognized and what is not according to market needs.


Connecting to decision makers in the relevant markets.

Global Business Development

Penetration into the Israeli technological market requires a local entity connected to technology, innovation, and decision makers in the market.

We will present you with market potential, formulate a detailed business plan, connect you to potential customers, partners, and distributors.

Distribution sales

Building distribution and sales networks in Israel and abroad.

Potential Client

Build a Pipeline file and regularly monitor potential customers and the status of always dealing with them. Support from the stage of receiving the lead until the closing stage of the transaction.

Support 360

360 supports for customer needs, identifying new opportunities, and increasing revenue from an existing customer.


Connecting to strategic decision makers in the relevant markets.


Developing new markets for the global client.


Locating unique technologies in the fields of cyber and communication.

P. Management

Targeting products – what is recognized and what is not according to the needs of the local market.

Manage contracts

Writing marketing content and quotes in Hebrew and English.

Our target audiences

We accompany SMB/SME business organizations and companies, from cyber| communications| IT| High-tech| Technology| Innovation.

Pricing model

We make available to our customers a wide range of pricing and business management models, from a business perspective that flexibility and the creation of tailored solutions is the way to success.

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