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Business Marketing

This is the main growth engine of the organization its role is to produce a shell that will help increase new revenue streams and growth.

All organizations need marketing but a large portion of them do not have the knowledge and ability to do so and this is where we come into the picture.

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Business Development

Business development processes focus on creating a shell of tools for promoting and growing the business in today’s competitive market.

Through developing new products, finding business opportunities, opening new markets, and creating collaborations we will create new opportunities for you.

Global Business Development

Penetration into the Israeli technological market requires a local factor that is connected to technology, innovation, and decision makers in the market.

We make you a presentation which Shows the market potential, formulates a detailed business plan and connects you to potential customers and partners and distributors.

Areas of activity

A.T Marketing Group provides a range of business marketing solutions and services and business development in the Outsourcing model for technology companies in Israel and around the world.

The company specializes in providing marketing and business development solutions and services to business companies (B2B) in an outsourcing model in the worlds of IT, Cloud, Cyber ​​and Communications.

The company provides three main types of services to Israeli and global companies:

Our big challenge as businesses, from any field and anywhere in the world is growth and revenue growth.

We are looking for answers to business dilemmas and practical ideas that will grow our organization, but there are several variables that make it difficult for us to do so.

Our company specializes in providing end-to-end solutions that address these and other challenges.

Business Process

The big challenge for business companies, from any field and anywhere in the world is growth and revenue growth.

Every business is looking for answers to business dilemmas and practical ideas that will grow its organization, but there are a variety of variables that make it difficult for it to do so. Our company specializes in providing practical marketing and business development solutions that address business dilemmas. Whether you are a local or global customer with us, you have a business development and marketing department that works for you. We are practically serving as the marketing and business development managers in your business.

We do not consult but perform the actual work for you so you will not have a “headache” in front of the suppliers – leaving you more time for day-to-day management.

The business concepts

We examine every activity for our customers according to the “eyes of the CEO” and put ourselves in his shoes and thus examine every decision and recommendation we give to the organization.

We promote marketing activities that contribute to the profit line in the business and promote it to achieve its goals.

CEO and Owner

Aviv Tagansky

"The company's staff immediately went into action and soon put on our table a number of interesting and appropriate solutions for our company. Aviv and the team accompanied us throughout the decision-making process and beyond. Even these days we continue to use the services of Aviv and the team and will continue to do so in the future."
"Aviv also contributed his additional abilities, raising a head and initiating for us business development and sales growth activities, activities that were not included in the content of his work. Which made us realize that he does things in a very professional way and wholeheartedly."
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