Organic innovation

What is organizational innovation

Rapid technological changes and a huge supply of products and services challenge even the companies based in the market.

IN today’s com partitive situation, companies must take innovation seriously,

invest resources, recruit quality personnel and make the issue one that will be focused on the company.

IN the past it was thought that the management of innovation is relevant only to technology and high-tech companies,

but today every organization in every sector (government, public, services, communications, etc.).

Innovation Manager

Innovation characterized by taking risks and working in an environment of high uncertainty becomes a central tool in short-,

medium and long-term strategic planning, as it is a key factor in the survival of organizations.

However, it is important to remember that the principles of management based on maximizing profit

and increasing effectiveness in the organization, while reducing risks no longer provide a satisfactory response in the current area.

The role of the “Innovation Manager” in the organization is broad and it also depends on its personality,

its power to “move mountains”, its abilities and how much

“thinking outside the box” it has.

The Role of Innovation Manager

To develop tools and methods to encourage innovation in the organization,

to bring the gospel of innovation in the form of attractive and up-to-date products,

in order to satisfy the customer’s needs and provide him with a quality user experience.

It includes:

Bringing up new ideas and initiatives.

Management of cross-organization processes from concept to launch stage.

Innovation is expressed in creating added values for the organization (VAS) through a variety of

business development solutions and innovative marketing tools.

Innovation is in the unique solution that the organization provides its customers/employees/suppliers

and does not always need to invent the wheel.

How is that expressed

Innovation can be expressed in many areas such as:

A new cover for an existing product.

Improve existing processes.

Plot a new pricing policy.

The way you recruit employees.

Decision makers

The decision to engage in innovation should come from the CEO and management and permeate all the bodies in the organization.

Such a decision should be supervised and take into account various aspects such as:

Type of organization.

The competitive environment.


Human capital in society and the like.

Fear as a trigger

Many organizations use the “indescribable” method of innovation and are engaged in “impossible” excuses,

“it’s too expensive and complex” “it’s not suitable for my organization.”

They try to keep the old world in full force

and don’t notice that they’re stepping in

and “the train is long gone.”

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