Background Noise

When we think about the many reasons for which background noise is generated that interfere with the proper management of the competion or its lack of success, we tend to concentrate on a variety of excuses.

Let’s get to know top five

  • Competitors.
  • technology.
  • The state of the market.
  • The staff.
  • Funding budget.

However, in most cases the solution is not in competition but in what is happening within the business.

An example of everyday life

  • To make it clear and understand our administrative obligation to first criticize the conduct of the business before we outsource responsibility:

Case details

A customer contacted us with a request to build a strategic marketing plan for him to increase sales in this business after a long period of stagnation in which he was unable to increase sales.

At the first meeting, it was apparent that he was frustrated and so was his salesman.

After a brief conversation with both of them, the problem became clear.

The salesperson is not a salesman! Rather, an operations officer, who was given additional responsibility alongside the existing responsibility in his operational role, also for the company’s sales.

He was not trained for this and did not have the necessary knowledge and the essential part of everything– he did not understand at all what was expected of him.

Our message

  • Match expectations and set clear goals for every function in your organization.
  • Build a proper incentive to pull the salesman up.
  • Recruit the right people for the right roles and alongside that you will train them properly.
  • Monitor and closely monitor the ongoing functioning of employees.

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