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How do you build a business plan? And how do you market it properly? We will try to answer these two important questions in the following article.

Building a plan – the


The success of the company/business corporation is measured by its ability to sell and profit, all over time and steadily. Not all business companies are the same, and not all of them have:

  • budget.
  • Sufficient funding to build a functioning and profitable sales system.
  • Professional knowledge for building a sales system.

Building a quality and stable sales system is no small business. This requires a lot of work and investment as the business owner and we must ensure that it is done in the professional and budgetary world. In the business sector, there are quite a few companies that are not financially able to maintain an internal sales team. Therefore, they turn to external “distribution channels.”

  • Since the company does not have sufficient financial capacity that will enable it to employ a sales team as the company’s employees.
  • Alongside the fact that integrating distributors/resellers into the business may also increase customer potential.

These two reasons constitute the trend towards exiting a third party, quite a few times in the business sector.

Impact of sales channels

Sales through distribution channels affect the company’s performance. And many companies are built on the ability of distributors to deliver the de factor merchandise. In order to maximize sales, we must produce an orderly program that addresses the many and varied issues.

  • Tip –
    • If we do not have the knowledge within the organization, it is advisable to use a business consultant who specializes in building such a program.

Distributors program – constitutes as a business model according to the company offering marketing rights on its products to third parties. It is also called the Reseller Program /Distributor Program. These are called “distributors” – that is, a license to sell the products to end customers. The guiding principle of a “distributor program“- The distributor will be entitled to use his business branding such as logos, website, etc.

According to the specific plan, the issue is examined:

  • The customer himself has been exposed to buying a product from another company’s distributor.
  • Or he buys directly from the business owner in charge of the product.

Building the program

In the construction process, we must ensure legally and institutionally regulating a wording agreed upon by both parties. We recommend that you go over the following topics:

  • A legal agreement.
  • NDA.
  • Product pricing.
  • A marginal target for profits.
  • Sales target.
  • Performance control processes.
  • Training and authority.
  • Priority procedure- “flag raising”.
  • There’s more, of c
    ourse, but we’ve listed the core of the issues here.


Don’t go easy on your head! We need to make sure that we have defined the boundaries of the sector, the laws and the rules, which will be acceptable and clear to both sides together. These definitions will form the basis of the nature of the business relationship and the success of the task.

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