Company Budget

Expenditure and Revenue Budget

Each company should build such a detailed revenue budget that each function in the company will have quantitative and qualitative goals.

These destinations are required to be destinations that can be tracked and visited.

The series of indices must be clear and even predictable based on the pace of its progress over the timeline, and all this compared to budget targets, it will allow us to understand our situation.

The equation is simple 

Failure to meet the revenue and profitab
ility target will require a cut in the company’s expenses.

This is so that we can understand at every stage whether his business is in the right direction to achieve its goals, or not.

Correct budget

Should be made up of 2 types of destinations:

  1. Revenue and profitability target.
  2. Expense target.

Procedure for building a revenue budget

When building your budget, consider:

  • Desired sales rate based on the performance of the previous year + percentage of growth or decrease (with respect to the market situation).
  • The number of working days each month i.e. the january sales target cannot be the same as in the months when there are holidays and vacations.
  • Arpu per customer/subscriber and forecast, whether it is expected to erode and at what rate compared to last year.
  • The value of each product must be determined by profitability rate.
  • Customer abandonment rate.
  • Customer upgrade rate and lows exist.

Procedure for building a revenue budget

When building your budget, consider:

  • Payroll costs, office, etc.
  • Sales commissions and resellers.
  • Marketing and advertising costs.
  • Investments in new products and technology.

In addition to all of these 

We need to build an
orderly work plan to support the company’s goals.

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